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Friday, October 4, 2013

New Goals, New Me

On Sunday evening I was exhausted but so energized from the fun weekend I had.  Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am pretty much an idiot when it comes to anything related to food.  Fitness, I would classify myself a step above idiot but still not very smart.  Since January I definitely feel as though I've learned a lot and somewhat expanded my knowledge.  That whole food thing is going to take me another 10 years or so but I make a little progress every day :)  So, when Renee' asked me if I was interested in learning more about fitness and nutrition, I admitted that I was intrigued but had no idea if it was something that I should look in to.  She said she would send me some websites to look at and we talked a little about the possibility of me looking into becoming a personal trainer.  It would be something I could do for fun, just a couple of hours on a weekend or something.  Again, I didn't think this was even something I would remotely consider.  I mean, I look nothing like a trainer.  But, as we talked more, it started to make a little more sense.  I mean, I am still overweight but from where I used to be, I am a much healthier version of myself.  Maybe I could work with people who are in the same position I used to be in.  I told her I would read more about it.  Of course, I won't commit to anything without thinking about it.  As Renee' says, me and my safe plans....and she's right!  I am not an impulsive person.  Anything new is extremely scary to me, in lots of ways.  So, I now had more homework - but it was the good kind!

That next week was going to be a busy one.  I knew I had a lot of things to do in the evening, I was supposed to get a new kitchen floor, I had my first observation at work, and just the normal work week stuff.  I still made an effort to get to the gym on Monday afternoon after the chiropractor.  That is such a change from last year.  If I had something to do after school, I would use that as an excuse to not exercise.  The problem is, rest days became more and more frequent until I reached the point I hit in January.   So, now when I have an appointment after school, I run home, change in to gym clothes and take everything I need with me.  That way, I don't have an excuse to go home and get comfortable.  So far, it's worked.

On Tuesday, I was supposed to get a new kitchen floor.  It's a long story that I won't bore you with but, suffice to say, it's free because there were some errors when my new fridge was delivered.  Turns out, my floor was still wet underneath what they were ripping up so they couldn't install my new floor.  The old me would have been so upset, probably cried and just been mad at the world.  Now, knowing I would have plywood in my kitchen for the next 2 weeks, although frustrating, I just went with the flow the best I could.  I knew it would eventually be fixed.  Besides that, it's completely out of my control, so why get upset??

I made an effort to get out for a walk that afternoon before heading out to an evening commitment.  It's amazing how good I feel after getting some fresh air.  Wednesday was a long day with conferences from 330-7.  However, I was determined to still make myself a priority.  I had a plan for lunch and dinner and I managed to get a short walk in when I got home.  Felt great to stretch my legs and just breathe after a long day of work.  I think I've said this before but, don't look at exercise as a chore or something else you have to do - look at it as time for yourself.  Wait a minute, that sounds really familiar.... I'm pretty sure someone has said that to me more times than I can count.... Guess she's right - as usual :)

The week was only half over and there was still so much more to enjoy - it's so fun to be able to say that on a consistent basis!