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Friday, November 21, 2014

So Thankful - Part 3

61. My extended family as a whole - I have so much family all over the place and I wouldn't trade a single one of them for the world.  I so wish we could spend more time together but I cherish the time we do get to spend together.  Love you all!
62. Charter buses - What a great way to travel or go on a field trip!
63. Warm showers
64. Skittles
65. Peanut Butter
66. Pictures like this that show anything is possible if you just believe in yourself
 67. Being able to see different college campuses so I can help my students make even more informed decisions.
68. My love of walking - It's so relaxing and is also a great form of exercise
69. Antibiotics - If you know how often I get sick you know why I am thankful for these wonderful things.
70. My Kindle - I can play games, read books and do so much more with this fabulous device
71. Quotes - Because they inspire me, motivate me and just push to always find the positive things in life.

72. Nyquil - When I am sick, it is the greatest invention ever.
73. Dark chocolate - satisfies my sweet tooth
74. Sore muscles - tells me I'm doing something right when I work out
75. The freezer - I'd waste a lot of food if it weren't for the ability to freeze leftovers.  And it makes packing lunch much easier.
76. My co-workers - I could not ask for a better group of people to work with every day.  Here's a few of them from an in-service day earlier this year : )

77. Lazy Friday nights - no better way to end the week in my opinion.
78. Yearly vacations with my family.  We get to make awesome memories in some wonderful places.  And seeing the joy on the kids faces is the best thing in the world!
79.  Silly face selfies with my favorite girls :)
80.  Playing like a kid again and loving every second.
81.  Seeing all I am capable of and, at times, making decisions that, 2 years ago, would have devastated me.  Today, those types of decisions only make me feel stronger on the inside.

82.  Caffeine - I don't drink it often but when I need it, it becomes my best friend for the day.
83.  PB&J - I swear nothing tastes better when I am sick.
84.  My treadmill - it isn't the best machine in the world but it is a great resource to have in a pinch.  Or when it's freezing outside!
85. Christmas decorations - They make me happy :)
86. Dogs - Although I don't have one, I always had one growing up and I love them.  One day, I hope to have one of my own but, for now, I will settle for visiting with my friends' dogs :)
87. Blender - So I can make smoothies
88. Boot camp classes - It's so nice to not have to come up with my own workouts a couple of days a week.  And I know I challenge myself more in a group of people than when I am by myself.
89. Popsicles.  Because, sometimes, you just want one.
90.  People who take the time to help, guide and just be there when you feel like the whole world is against you.  I believe people like that are angels sent to help you because someone knows you just need another person to show you all that you have to offer the world.  Renee' did that for me.  And she's never asked for or expected anything in return.  I don't want to think about where I would be if I hadn't been fortunate enough to meet her, learn so much about so many things I can't even list them all and most importantly, find a great friend in the process.  Every day is a learning experience and an adventure for me and I credit her for helping me see that living life this way is fun and the only way to go :)

Thanks for indulging me and reading about the multitude of things and reasons I am thankful.  I can't begin to describe how blessed I am in so many ways.

Happy Thanksgiving!