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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Difference of a Year

As I get ready to leave for what I am sure will be another unforgettable vacation with my amazing family and some lifelong friends, I thought it would be fun to reflect on how much things can change from year to year.

In just the last year so much has changed just for me -

1. A year ago, I weighed 218 pounds leaving for vacation.  I was so proud of myself (still am) but can't believe what a difference an additional 34 pounds and building muscle can make -

2. A year ago, Cooper was 5 and just learning to read.  Chloe and Emma were 1.5 and it still felt like they were babies.  Fast forward a year, Cooper will start 1st grade in August and Chloe and Emma are 2.5 years old, talking up a storm and developing such fun personalities!  And being an aunt is still the greatest job in the world!

3. I was hoping that I would hear something from Fairfield.  I had sent my resume in but hadn't heard anything.  Little did I know my wish would come true over my vacation.  A year has passed and I am happier than I have been in a long time with my job and all the fun people I work with.  And I have some amazing new friends :)  

4. A year ago, I wasn't quite as embarrassed to be wearing a swim suit but still wasn't 100% comfortable.  I think it was last summer when I realized just how far I let things get with my weight and health.  When I saw that, even after losing 63 pounds I still wasn't comfortable in a swim suit.  This year, although I'll never have a perfect body, I am so happy with everything I've accomplished and love that I am comfortable enough to be seen in my swim suit without being wrapped up in a towel most of the time :)  Maybe I'll even take a full picture of myself in my suit this year... For now here's one from last year and a half shot of me and my sister from this year that Cooper took :)

5.  Confidence was still really difficult for me.  I also knew being on vacation was going to be difficult for me, food wise.  This year, I have more confidence than I ever thought I would find in myself.  Also, I'm not all that concerned about the food.  As Renee' often tells me, life is about balance.  And it's okay to indulge at times.  I also know I'm going to have an active vacation and I'm so excited to spend time outside, running around with all the kids, bike rides, walks on the beach and playing newly invented games in the pool that involve empty beer cans, squirt guns and rafts.  And probably other things that will be discovered at our new house this year.... :) I was already smiling more last year but here's a picture from two years ago in Destin and one from just last weekend....

As the years have gone on, so much has changed for all of us but, then again, so much has remained the same.  I couldn't imagine a better way to vacation every year.  I get to spend a week with the best kids in the world (Mackenzie, Mya, Marley, Mallory, Avery, Ruby, Lydia, Tyson and, my personal favorites, Cooper, Chloe and Emma :)) and some of the best families I've ever met.  Including my own!  We laugh, play games, hang out and just have fun.  And the houses we stay in are awesome!  

Here's to more amazing memories at the beach :)