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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Learning to Enjoy Working Out...

During the first 6 weeks of this journey, I found that I started looking forward to working out. It was my time to get away from the world and lose myself in Friends reruns and my ipod.   In fact, I got a nasty sinus infection at the end of February and was actually disappointed that I had to skip a day at the gym (I just didn't have the energy).  In the past, I would have used being sick as a reason to not work out for the next week, thinking, oh my body just needs to rest... Good lie I kept telling myself, right?  Especially because I would also eat whatever sounded good at that time too.

Because I honestly had no idea where to start with exercising, Renee' would send me workouts every day that almost always involved the elliptical (because of how heavy I was, it was the best machine for me to use b/c it doesn't put as much pressure on my joints).  She also sent me stuff with weights to do.  That usually required some clarification!  Like I said before, I am convinced she spent a majority of her day expecting dumb questions and laughing at me but since I was laughing at myself, I didn't mind!

One that sticks out in my mind is the first time she told me to do a physioball hamstring roll in.  First, I had absolutely no idea what it was (shocker) and when she told me I had to lay on my back and use my heels to bring a physioball in towards my butt, I laughed and said, well that requires coordination.  But, I tried (and fell on my butt several times) and then sent her a message when I got done that I am not coordinated enough for fancy exercises :)

Renee' kept mentioning that I should try yoga and I kept putting it off.  Well, we had a snow day in March and I finally had no excuse... so I downloaded something on my computer and tried it .... I am not flexible enough for yoga ... I couldn't do 90% of what they said to do... But, again, at least I tried!  And I haven't tried it since... but I try not to remind her of that too often!

At the end of February I was down 18 pounds.  Renee' was the only person who knew that my first goal was to lose 20 lbs by my birthday (March 27th).  When I made that goal, I never thought I would reach it.  I didn't even tell her until I had known her for a month.  So, my moment of truth day came the first week of March - I stepped on the scale and I couldn't believe what I saw - another 4 lbs!!  22 total in less than 2 months!  I was in shock.  I waited until later that morning to tell Renee' and just said thank you a few dozen times :)  Her response?  We're a team and this is just the beginning.  That just made me smile.  From the beginning I felt like she was in my corner and she just kept showing me through every conversation that she enjoyed working with me.  We were becoming friends :)

By the end of the day I had set a new goal and Renee' was on board with it.  I wanted to see if I could lose another 20 lbs by the end of the school year, which gave me about 3 months.  I knew I was playing it safe but I think I just wanted to achieve my goal so badly, I wanted to give myself enough time.  However, that goal would eventually find a way of changing itself within the next week or so....