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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm Thankful For...Part 2 :)

I can't believe so many people read my first entry on what I'm thankful for!  I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my entries :)  I'm going to give another 31 things my best shot!  I've already made my mother cry so, mission accomplished!  But I have 62 more things I have to come up with so here goes nothing...

32.  My nephew, Cooper.  When he came in to this world almost 6 years ago (not possible), he redefined the word love for me.  Since the day he was born he has been my "favorite little guy".  He makes me laugh hysterically and is smarter than a whip!  I have so loved watching him grow up so far and look forward to many more years of being Aunt Mimi and sharing countless special moments with him.

33.  High School soccer - especially Mason.  I love watching them play the game and love that all of the players and their families have embraced my family in so many ways.
34.  My Ipod - I couldn't get through my workouts without it.
35.  My smart phone - how did I ever live without this thing?
36.  Pillows - I couldn't sleep without them
37.  My niece, Chloe.  She is such a character, makes me laugh all the time and is so fun to be around.  It's amazing to see how much she's changed in the 2 years since she came into this world.  I can't wait to continue to be "MIMI" to this beautiful little girl.  I know we are going to have some fun (maybe mischievous) times ahead of us - That's what aunts are for, right?

38.  Peanut Butter
39.  My treadmill
40.  AirWick scented oil - Makes my house smell yummy
41.  Shopping trips and movie dates with my mama - Even at 33 I love having "mommy and me" time.
42.  My niece, Emma.  It is so amazingly fun to see my sister as a mom.  And, although Emma looks A LOT like her daddy, I see so much of my sister in her.  In the 20 months she has been in this world, her personality has grown by leaps and bounds and she makes me laugh just as much as the other two.  She has a lot of her mommy in her and is one of the two sweetest little girls I know.  I look forward to many days spent enjoying her childhood and being a fun aunt mimi!

43.  Post-its.  My desk wouldn't be the same without them.
44.  Pictures.  Anyone who knows me doesn't need to ask about this one.
45.  My camera / phone with a camera - See above
46.  Remote controls - I actually remember getting up to change the channel when I was a kid.  I much prefer the remote control.
47.  My Mulvey cousins.  Although we don't see each other much and we didn't grow up together, you are all a part of who I am and I love that we are now able to stay in touch through social media :).  I'm pretty sure this is the only picture that exists of all 11 of us and I treasure it.
48.  Facebook - How did I ever live without it??
49.  Christmas trees - they make me smile
50.  Grilled Chicken Salad - I'd rarely eat out without this lovely food.
51.  That I've only had to put sushi in my mouth one time, that Renee' and I go back and forth joking about me eating it again and the fact that I will never put it back in my mouth - at least I don't think I will... :)
52.  My Aunt Moe.  We've had more amazing conversations than I could ever count.  She can always make me laugh and she's been with me when I've cried about random stuff that doesn't even make sense.  She even cries with me.  I can't imagine my life without her.
53.  Hair dye - I'd look older than I am with my gray hair!
54.  Eyebrow waxing - Yes, I have to do that and I'm not ashamed of it.
55.  Music - there's something soothing about it that is hard to explain
56.  The ocean - it's the most peaceful place and I can't go a year without making my way to the beach in some way.  
57.  My co-worker, Kira.  She convinced me to apply for the job at Fairfield and has since become a wonderful friend.  I wouldn't be in a job I love without her.  And, as an added bonus, have an amazing friend who will talk to me all the way through my first 5K!!
58.  Lazy Sunday mornings
59.  Workout DVDs
60.  People Magazine
61.  Starbuck's gift cards
62.  My grandparents.  I am so blessed that I was able to know and spend so many years with all four of them.  I couldn't have asked for better role models and people to spoil me.  I miss all of them more than words can say but am so lucky to have had them in my life for as long as I did.  I know I have 4 amazing angels watching over me.

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.

Stay tuned for part 3 :)