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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Adjusting to Changes, Finding What Makes Me Happy :)

The next week was the last full week in May which is always a crazy time for me.  It means lots of graduations and end of year celebrations, awards days, etc.  Almost as busy as February!

I had two night commitments that week which made it hard to figure out how I was going to get exercise in.  But one thing I was starting to get better at was knowing that it was okay to just do a little bit.  And I was trying to move more throughout the day.  Instead of staying in my office all day, I would get up and walk around the building for 5 or 10 minutes at a time.  It woke me up and refreshed me if it was crazy day.   So, on those busy days, I would try to squeeze in a 30 minute walk, some body weight exercises or something else small but productive.

I do a lot of work with the career-technical school and students who attend there.  One of my night commitments that week was two of their graduation ceremonies.  Although it makes for long days, I looked forward to seeing the counselors from other districts.  I had become friends with some of them.  It was fun to be friends with people who are in the same field as me but also wanted to know me outside of a work environment.  Made me feel even stronger as a person!

One of these friends invited me to join her "book" club.  Every month or so they would get together and have dinner and discuss a book (if anyone read it...).  Four months ago, I never would have considered going to a restaurant to eat and talk to people I didn't know.  But, I was starting to discover a new me.  This new me wanted to meet people and be social and I thought this was a great place to start.  So, I started reading the book and enjoying the messages that were posted on the invites!  They seemed like a great group of people!  It was one more thing I was so excited I was able to push myself to do.

Once I made it through that crazy busy week, I had Memorial Day Weekend to look forward to.  I got to babysit my niece and nephew on Saturday night (I love my alone time with them).  We went to a park, went for a walk, got some dinner and made a trip to Orange Leaf (frozen yogurt).  It was a good time!  While playing with them, I could see such a difference in my energy level.  So fun!  The next day, we did a family deal where we got together to look at old pictures and reminisce about all the fun memories.  Another fun way we were able to celebrate mom and dad's 60th birthdays.  Looking back at the pictures of even my nieces and nephew made me realize even more how fast time flies.  I want to cherish every moment I get to spend with them and not be tired and constantly out of breath when I am chasing them.  It was even more motivation to keep going on this path I had started.

This picture is from Memorial Day Weekend at the park with my family - I actually didn't care that my whole body was in the picture!  That's a first for me!

I always dread going bathing suit shopping - who doesn't??  But this year, I had no idea what to expect.  Imagine my surprise when I was able to buy two suits that were not plus size.  And they actually looked decent (as bathing suits go).  What an amazingly gratifying feeling!

All the little things were starting to add up to seeing a new Amanda.  If someone had told me at the end of Winter Break that by the time summer arrived I would be energetic, excited and looking forward to all life has to offer me, I would have laughed in their face.  I just didn't have a positive view of life.  But now, I could finally see all that world had to offer and that trying to be my best was completely worth it.  I felt like I was finally changing into the person I always wanted to be and knew I could be!