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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At times, for me, it's dangerous to eat healthy - and other fun things!

It's the last day we can make schedule changes before orientation.  Overall, it was a busy day but not a bad one.  Since I had taken some things home the previous week, I felt pretty caught up.

So, I was teasing one of my co-workers about bringing her lunch and when she took me up on it, I packed enough for both of us :)  However, as I tried to cut the avocado, I wasn't paying attention and ended up slicing my finger.  I thought I had just cut it but after awhile, it wouldn't stop bleeding so the athletic trainer had to come wrap it for me - I just laughed for the rest of the day because I walked around with my finger wrapped in gauze.... at least I didn't have to do my push-ups that day!  Couldn't really grip anything...  That would only happen to me but again, all I could do was laugh at myself, take a picture and post it on Facebook.  Hey, if I can't laugh at myself, who will?? :)

The next two days flew by and I was so enjoying meeting some of my students and, funny enough, all the chaos that comes with the beginning of the school year.  Although I was exhausted by the end of the day, I continued to make an effort to go to the gym or get some kind of exercise.  For those who struggle with that part - just think of it as time you are giving to yourself.  I know that's kinda easy for me to say since I'm single and I don't have kids but, I promise you, taking just 30 minutes for yourself will make you an even better spouse, mom, dad, etc.  Everyone needs a little "me" time.  There are days when I really have to make myself do something.  I remember being exhausted one day that week and wanting to just lay down on the couch.  But I made myself get changed, drive to a park and just walk for about an hour.  The fresh air coupled with the exercise woke me up and made me feel 10x better.  Like it always does.

My body was still adjusting to being back at work so, again, I wasn't expecting much in terms of weight loss.  But, I lost another pound!  I kept reminding myself, it took me a long time to get to the weight I started at, it's going to take a long time to get it all off.  Renee' said a few times... it's a marathon, not a sprint.  And she's right.  So, time to be excited about and celebrate another pound!  I mean, if I can't be excited about losing 74 pounds in less than 8 months, then what can I be proud of??  I mean that is huge and I was finally realizing how big that accomplishment really is.  And I still had more success to look forward to in the coming months.  Amazing.

That weekend I decided I needed a couple more shirts for work.  So, in addition to helping a friend out in the afternoon, I went to the outlet malls and walked around to see if I could find anything.  I was soooo pumped when I found a pair of jean capris in a style I've never worn, some t shirts and a couple of dress shirts and I didn't even spend $75.  One of the best parts....I didn't have to search for sizes - what a great feeling!

Again, the weight loss isn't everything but it is definitely the catalyst for all the changes I have made in my life.  I am healthier, happier than I've ever been and looking forward to what the future holds for me :)

Bring on the first day of school and all the chaos - I'm ready!!  And I couldn't wait to continue on my adventure :)