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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best Day of the Year.... So Far!

So, the previous week I had weighed in at exactly 200 pounds.  Therefore, unless something really weird happened, I kinda knew I would go under the 200 mark this week.  It was actually a little hard to sleep Wednesday night (something I rarely have trouble with) because I was more excited than normal to see what number would pop up on the scale.

I actually didn't struggle to get out of bed that morning.  I usually lay around and hit the snooze button once or twice :)  When I stepped on the scale and saw 198, I almost cried.  But then I realized how excited I was and just started smiling, laughing and kind of skipping around my house at 6:15 in the morning.  I was in shock (in a fun way).  I think the last time I weighed under 200 pounds was right after my brother's wedding almost 8 years ago.  So, to see a 1 as the first digit in my weight was an overwhelming feeling!

I had a co-worker take a picture of me holding a sign and sent it to Renee'.

 Just through a text message, I could see how excited she was for me.  All of her help and my hard work had paid off in a way I never could have imagined back in January.

I posted the same picture on Facebook and the fun comments I received from so many of my friends and family just made the day even better.  I definitely didn't stop smiling all day.  One thing that still feels incredibly strange to me is to hear (or read) that people see me as in inspiration.  I mean, I've worked really hard to change my life and it has definitely taken a lot of dedication.  When people ask me what I've done to lose all the weight, my first response is, I've completely changed my life.  Which is true in so many more ways than those that are visible on the outside.  I just feel like a different person.  I don't even remember who I was 8 months ago.  I just know I wasn't happy and I never want to go back there.

And, although the weight loss is definitely the most visible change of the last 8 months, those who know me well can see so many more changes.  Just looking in my eyes, they can see that I am happy.  Looking at old pictures of myself, I can see how lost I was.  I just tried to put on a brave face for everyone.  It's in the way I carry myself, the energy I have, the way I interact with people and many other ways.

That evening, I was excited to go watch my siblings soccer teams play.  My sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to meet her and the kids for dinner.  Of course I said yes.  To see them both run up to me outside the restaurant and give me the biggest hugs while yelling MIMI, made the day even better than I thought it already was.  Dinner was good and, the funny thing is, making good choices about my food isn't even that difficult anymore.  I got some green tea before we left and shared my york peppermint patties with the kiddos.  I bought them each a ring pop and got a couple good pictures with my nieces.  So funny how I can look at myself and see such a difference from a year ago.  In fact, here's a picture of me and my niece last year during soccer season and, below it, one from my milestone day :)

I maybe the only one (but hopefully not), but I see a difference, not only in my weight, but in my eyes, the genuine feeling behind my smile and so much more.   

I am still so excited for everything that is in front of me.  And I still have so much more to share :)