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Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Living My LIfe

The next week would be an interesting one for me.  I had a lot going on in the evenings but I still wanted to be able to exercise.  It's funny how much less time I spend watching TV these days.  I'd rather be up and moving most days.  I just have more energy!  Anyways, I made it to the gym that Monday but that was the only day I thought I would make it there that week so I tried to make up my own weight circuit.  I'm not very good at that...yet!  I thought it would be hard but as I went through it, the routine wasn't very challenging.  But, I kept going and then I ended up on the elliptical for a little over a half hour.  On Tuesday I made myself do something outside - turns out some of those workouts Renee' sent to me while I was on vacation will work at home too.  Plus, it only took me 45 minutes!  And I was tired :)

So, for anyone who knows me (or has read my whole blog), you can probably guess that I hate being in front of crowds.  Especially if I have to talk.  That's one (small) reason why I am a counselor instead of being a teacher.  So, with my new job, I found out I would have to do classroom presentations to some of the sophomores.  Know what?? I wasn't nervous.  I have so much more confidence in my abilities and in myself that standing in front of a group of students doesn't even faze me anymore.  Crazy.

I still enjoy watching the soccer teams play that my brother and sister coach.  I am not athletic but I enjoy watching sports.  So, I went to a game Tuesday night and, as I was playing with my niece, my sister looks at me and says, 'you are tiny'.  I'm not good at taking compliments but I tried to say thank you.  Of course I also added that at 200 lbs I am definitely not tiny :)  But, it's a big difference from 281!  I have so much energy to chase the kids around I just love every second.  I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out but I think it just had to be the right time and I had to have the right people around me to help me through the process.

Wednesday was the monthly book club dinner.  I knew the restaurant a couple of days ahead of time so I sent the menu to Renee' to ask for suggestions.  Of course, I prefaced that with, something I would touch :)  Otherwise she would probably suggest something weird.  At least to me.  I was so proud of myself and what I ordered.  I wasn't even tempted by the garbage fries and other greasy stuff that was available.  I did take a bite of a friend's sea bass.  Wasn't bad and didn't look as weird as fish usually does to me.

As I continue through this process, I am finding that as I continue to venture outside my little comfort zone (at my own pace, of course), I enjoy being me more and more every day.  I really do have to push myself to do a lot of things that most people just do without thinking about it.  So, it's nice that, as each day goes by, that kind of stuff gets a little easier for me.

Coming soon.... The Best Day of 2013.... So far :)