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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Week of Summer Vacation

The last week of July already.... where did the time go??  I would be starting my new job that Friday so I had a lot of things on my "to do" list over the next 4 days along with some fun things I wanted to do.  I was determined to get it all in :)

Monday was honestly one of my favorite days ever.  Not only did I get to spend a few hours alone with my mama, I also got to go shopping!!  Starting work on Friday meant that I would finally need to break down and buy new clothes.  I had always been excited about the thought of it but couldn't believe I was actually going to enjoy going shopping!!  Again, this journey has been about so much more than weight loss but, to be honest, this day was a focus on how much weight I had lost and buying clothes that would show off my new body.  We started at Macy's and I was so excited with the sizes I was able to buy.  I found a few pairs of pants and some shirts that I would not have a worn a a year ago.  We also went to Kohl's and I found a couple more pairs of pants and shirts.  As I tried things on, it was fun to show them to my mom and see her smile.  Even better???  I knew I didn't need to buy a ton of stuff because I still had a long ways to go.  I can only imagine what the next shopping trip will feel like!!  Here's a sample of all the great stuff I got that day -

The next day was another busy one - but I loved it!  I went to a pool party at a friend's house and it was fun to see all my friends from my old job before I started my new one.  Hadn't seen most of them since school let out in June so their reactions to how I looked was fun :)  I had a lot of comments on how great I looked but the one that meant the most to me was when someone told me that I look really happy - she said I can see it on your face, in your eyes.  I could see these things myself but it was so fun to have someone else see them too.

That evening was the next book club dinner.  It was a small group of us but it was fun.  I couldn't believe I actually ordered fish for dinner... but it wasn't bad!  I wore a sundress - something I never would have done a year ago - and I opened up a little bit about myself to those who were there.  I think they were actually surprised when I told them going to dinner with people I'd never met was something I never would have done 6 months ago.  Guess I'm getting better about appearing to be comfortable.  We had a fun night and hardly talked about the book - Hence the name "Book" Club :).

Throughout the summer, Wednesdays are my day to spend with my mom, sister and the kids.  I love every second of it.  We usually go swimming but that day wasn't a very nice one so we went to Recreations Outlet for some run around time and then to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Again, the play areas were so fun because I could run around and go down slides with the kids.  My nephew had been begging me to take him to Chuck-E-Cheese all summer and we were running out of time.  He was mesmerized!  I had forgotten how much fun that place is!  We played ski ball and so many other games.  He did great!  My mom and sister left early with the girls so we got some special alone time and made some great memories!

My last day of summer was a lazy one.  One of the best parts??  Another 3 pounds - for a total of 72!  Completely unbelievable!!  I tried to tease Renee' but she was so busy that I finally told her :)  She called me that night and we talked for awhile about a few things.  With everything she has going on, I thought that was so nice of her.  Although it took awhile for me to let her break through my walls, I kept telling her how happy I am that she is my friend :)  Plus, I'm thinking she's never laughed at someone as much as she laughs at me, my stupid questions and my random thoughts each day, so, we're even, right??  I knew I'd found a friend for the rest of my life and I felt lucky, still do!

This process really is about the little things.  It's really crazy how figuring out what makes me happy and having someone (other than family) believe in me and make an effort to get to know me, even through all the walls I had up around myself, has transformed me into a completely different person.  I am someone who likes to sit back and take in the scenery.  Over the last couple of months I was (slowly) becoming a little more comfortable with speaking up in front of people.  It would be interesting to see how I would handle all the new people I would be around when I started my new job on Friday....