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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Part 3

The next morning was my phone interview.  I got up extra early (especially for vacation), got some nervous energy out by doing a walk/jog and then locked myself in my room for my phone interview.  It was a different experience but one I felt I was completely ready for - actually excited!   Felt like I answered all the questions the best I could and, once it was over, I tried to put it out of mind and go enjoy the beach.  At that point it was out of my hands.  When I got a phone call later that afternoon asking if they could go ahead and contact my references, I almost cried.  I was feeling even more excited.  I gave them the go ahead and had to just wait for another phone call.

The next morning I was at the beach, taking pictures with my phone when it rang.  It was the principal calling to say they wanted to offer me the job and asking if I would accept... Of course I said yes.  I didn't even have to think about it!  I talked to him for a few minutes and was so excited when I hung up the phone that I think I just cried. And screamed.  I felt like it was meant to be and I couldn't have been happier.  And the fact that I got to share that moment with my entire family made it even better.  Unbelievable actually.  I talked to Renee' later that day and got to share the good news with her.  I could tell over the phone how excited she was for me.  Made it even better.

I didn't tell anyone other than the people I was on vacation with because there were still a couple of steps to go through.  But, that day made this the best vacation I'd had in a long time.  I was (and still am) and so excited for the new adventure, challenges, responsibilities and to meet new people.  I already knew one of the counselors and we had become friends.  I was excited to meet everyone else once I got home.

And now I was able to really relax and enjoy the rest of my time on the beach.  I remember one day back in the winter when my nephew asked me why I was losing weight, I told him it was so I could help him jump the waves at the beach.  I was actually able to do it and the pictures below are some of my favorites from our trip!

Our last day was a rainy one but we were able to find some sightseeing things to do and one was a lighthouse.  I don't remember exactly how many, but I believe there were over 200 steps to climb.  When I've tried to climb lighthouses in the past, I've always struggled because of energy, breathing and getting tired.  This time, although my legs were on fire by the end, it wasn't nearly as difficult.  Guess 63 pounds makes a huge difference, huh?  Amazing :)  Not the best picture but the one below is from the top of the lighthouse that day  -

I felt invigorated and so incredibly proud of myself!  During a break in the rain, mom and I went for a bike ride.  Everyone was ordering greasy food for dinner and cleaning up what was left in the kitchen (last day tradition).  This year, I went to a deli and got a sandwich and a salad for my dinner.  It was huge so I only ate half and decided to take the rest to eat on the way home the next day.

Although the end of vacation is always a little depressing, I had literally had one of the best weeks of my life.  I was excited to get home and get started on my new adventure!!