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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Has it Really Been 4 Months?? Time Flies!

The first time I met with Renee' was in mid-January.  By the middle of May, I felt like I completely different person.  I was happier than I had been in years, on my way to being healthy, sort of understanding this whole food thing, and looking into ways to meet and be around more people.

Starting with being happier, it's really amazing what meeting new people, opening up and becoming friends with them and seeing that there are actually people out in the world who wanted to know me as a person was able to do for my attitude and outlook on life.  Although I have always been blessed with amazing people in my life, I think (well, actually, I know) I always felt like I blended in to the background.  Whether that was true or not, it was how I felt and that feeling had a huge impact on me.  Over the last 4 months, I had started to come into my own as a person.  Can't believe it took me til the age of 33 but, hey, we all move at our own pace, right?

I couldn't (and I know I wouldn't) have gotten this far without so much love, friendship and support from all the people in my life who matter to me.  And the list was growing!

The third week in May I was able to go to the last training session with the adult group on Tuesday.  I actually did most of the exercises (except anything with jumping).  I was kinda proud of myself.  Then she made us do something called a wall sit.  I hadn't done one of those since middle school!  I didn't make it the whole time without standing up a couple of times but I think I made it a decent amount of time.  At the facility there is this thing called a sled.  I don't know why it's called that because it's not like I can ride down a hill in the snow with it - but that's another story :)  Anyways, there's weights on it and everyone had to take a turn pushing it across the floor.  I didn't think I would be taking part in this oh so fun exercise.  But, Renee' had a different idea - I should have known!  She asked me how I felt about pushing it and I just shrugged my shoulders.  That would mean I would have to be up in front of a group of people.  But, I did it (I didn't really have a choice).  I could barely push it myself -so she helped me a little.  But I was proud of myself for what I did do.

Later that week, I stepped on the scale and I had lost another pound - I was learning to accept the small successes as well as the big ones.  That night was my nephew's preschool graduation.  I wore a pair of jean capris and a shirt and actually felt comfortable.  The picture below is from that night.

When I look at that picture compared to one from January, I can't believe how different I look.  Not just thinner (although I was definitely seeing that), but just happier.  When I looked at that picture, I could see the happiness in my own eyes.  It was, and still is, an amazing feeling.

That weekend we threw a surprise 60th birthday party for my parents.  I was able to see some people I don't see very often and it was so much fun to hear the compliments on how great I looked.  But it was also fun to have conversations with people I may not have been comfortable to talk to in the past.  For anyone curious, there are never foods I can't eat.  I just choose to make better decisions.  However, that night, I did eat a piece of cake and have a little ice cream.  However, I also had salad for dinner.  "It's all about balance" - I had heard that a lot in the last 4 months and I was starting to believe it :)

Just 11 days left in the school year and a whole summer to look forward to at this point in my adventure - I could only imagine what life still had in store for me.