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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three Months Later ... What Else?

So, it's mid-April, I've lost 33 pounds in 3 months and I've branched out (a little) and I've gone to work out with people I don't know... what else could there be?  Apparently, lots!

People were starting to notice my weight loss and actually asking me what I'm doing.  I even had a few people ask me if I was on some kind of crash diet to which I responded, no, I actually eat all the time!  It was (and still is) really amazing to me how big of a role nutrition plays in weight loss and just being healthy overall.  Although I still didn't know what most of the food was that Renee' was talking about, I had figured enough out to function on a daily basis.

So now, I was supposed to try salmon.  And she was talking about something called edamame - I really thought she was making that up - even though I didn't really think she would do that.  Took me about a month to find that at Kroger.  I started looking up recipes for salmon and it kept talking about broiling.  I wouldn't even know what button to press on my oven to broil something... I told her the fire department should probably be on standby if I try to broil this salmon stuff.  I gave in, found a way to bake it (actually she told me how to make it...) and I actually put it in my mouth.  Definitely doesn't smell very good.  But, I ate it and I think Renee' did a happy dance for the next couple of days.  I still can't figure out how she's gotten me to try 90% of this weird food she says is good for me....

By this time, the Flying Pig (half marathon) was only a couple of weeks away.  So, I kept working on walking some different paths with lots of hills.   For anyone who has ever done the Pig, about 4 miles right in the middle of the course is nothing but hills.  So, I knew I needed to be ready because I always struggled with that part when I'd walked it before.

I also kept going to the training after school when I was able.  If I had a meeting after school, the timing didn't usually work out.  I did go one Tuesday then went on a walk and got caught in the pouring rain.... Normally I would have been really mad but I just laughed about it.  Sounds crazy, but this was one of those moments where I knew I was changing as a person because of how I reacted to the situation.  And my phone and my Ipod both survived so all was right with the world :)

As she had all along, Renee' kept saying she was proud of me which made me smile but I wasn't really sure why.  I mean, I certainly wasn't doing this by myself!  But, every time I said thank you, she just kept saying we're a team.  Meant a lot to me.  I hope by then she knew what an impact she was having on me and my life.

So many people in my life - friends, family and co-workers, kept commenting on how different I seemed - in a good way.  The weight loss wasn't the only thing - I was happier than I had been in a very long time and found myself smiling and enjoying life in a way I hadn't done in years.  I was starting to realize what a difference having more amazing people in my life was doing for me as a person.