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Monday, September 30, 2013

Still Smiling :)

I definitely had to come down off a high the next day.  I had experienced a moment I never thought would happen again in my life.  I loved sharing it with my friends and family (forgot to mention I called my mom to tell her and I could hear her smile over the phone) and everyone who has been supporting me.  Some of you have supported me without even knowing it.  Just "liking" my status updates on Facebook, cheering me on and laughing right along with me while I made up names for exercises I hate and tried to figure out what different foods were.  Well, I'm still trying to figure out food, but we won't go there right now.... It's been like an extended circle of support and you'll never know how much I have appreciated it and will continue to need it and love every second of it :)

I knew I needed to go to the gym that afternoon - can't stop working!  But, I couldn't really come up with anything I wanted to do.  I had tried to make up some weight stuff on Monday but it wasn't very challenging.  So, I asked Renee' for an idea and she sent me something to try.  I got confused reading it (shocker, I know) but I figured it out eventually and it was a good challenge for me.  I also did some cardio which always makes me feel good.

I think realizing I can't stop with my fitness and nutrition has made a big difference too.  When I would try to lose weight before, I would always allow myself to have a candy bar or go overboard with eating at a party because I felt like I deserved it.  Now I realize that I was only hurting myself.  I do let myself have something every now and then but I make healthier choices (frozen yogurt instead of ice cream) and I don't go overboard.

That weekend was going to be a busy one.  I proctored the ACT on Saturday morning and wanted to watch my brother's team play that evening.  In addition to that, my parents were out of town so I had their dog :)  Proctoring the ACT ends up being about 5 hours of sitting in one place, but I get paid some extra money so, no complaints.  By the time I got home, I needed to eat lunch and, it was such a nice day, I decided that even though I was exhausted, and would rather take a nap, I decided to take the dog out for a walk.  We walked for about 30 minutes and I was happy with myself.  The old me would have just laid on the couch.

The soccer game that night was fun.  It was senior day so I saw some of my brother's players from last year.  One of them told me I looked great - made me feel even better!

I love my life.  I would not have said that a year ago.  It's hard for me to look at my life a year ago and see how miserable I was.  I can't believe I've had the courage to make so many changes in such a short period of time (with a lot of encouragement and support).  There are still so many more changes for me to work my way through but I am so excited for all of the positive steps I am taking and continue to take each day :)