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Monday, September 16, 2013

My New Adventure Begins

Hard to believe, but it was now August 2nd and it was time for me to start my new job.  Much as I love the freedom of summer, I was so excited to get started!  Just an inkling to myself and others on how much I had changed since January... I actually took it upon myself to say hi to the other counselor who was already there when I arrived.  I never would have done that in the past.  Sounds crazy, but I was so unsure of myself and had no self-confidence, I would have just kept to myself until someone came in and said hi to me.

After some technical difficulties, I got logged on to the computer and was able to have a fairly low key first day.  I asked questions when I needed to and overall had a great day.  The people who were there seemed so nice.  I couldn't get over how excited I was to meet the rest of my co-workers on Monday.  When I left at the end of the day the only thing I could think of was... I have a great feeling about this job and I know I made the right decision!  It felt amazing :)

The other fun part of the day - realizing I would be working with my 6th grade science teacher!!  I bumped into her that morning and we talked for a few minutes.  It was fun to see her and I knew I would enjoy working with her and everyone else!

I remember that weekend being pretty quiet but I also remember being in such a good mood.  I felt like I was finally in a good place.  I had started to (and continued to) feel that way in the last couple of months and I felt like this fresh start was the icing on the cake.

My first full week at my new job was a busy one.  But I never regretted anything for a second.  I work with some awesome people.  One of the best things may seem so small - but remember it's the little things I've noticed the most - I was able to eat lunch with my co-workers!  It was (and still is) so fun to talk to them, get to know them, etc.  On top of that - I got a present - a slinky!!  It has become my new favorite toy and it keeps me sane :)  Everyone there drinks coffee in the morning so I've thought about putting my water in a coffee mug so I belong ... Then again, another awesome thing about this job, I don't need to do that to "fit in".  We are all individuals but I already felt like part of a team, which was the greatest feeling in the world.

On the fitness front, getting to the gym was still my main focus each afternoon.  It wasn't so much about relieving stress as it was knowing that I would feel better after I worked out and that it was what I could do for myself.  My job is often focused on helping others (as is every other job in the education field) so it is important for me to do some things for myself.  I have Renee' to thank for that - she helped me see how important it is to take time for yourself, even if it's just 30 minutes a day.  It really does wonders for my ability to focus on the rest of my life.

When I went back to work, it took me awhile to get used to how sedentary I am while I'm working.  After all, over the summer I had been more active than not most days.  So, to go from that to sitting in front of a computer for 7 hours a day is a bit of a shock to my body.  Therefore, I wasn't feeling super confident about the scale that week.  However, I was super excited to see another pound gone!  However long this takes, I am in it for the long haul.  And, at this point, in a little less than 7 months, I had lost 73 pounds and become a new (and better) version of myself.

It doesn't get much better than that, right?  Well, you just never know what can happen :)

I have always loved quotes and this one that I saw today really spoke to me - "Don't look back, you're not going that way".  So true and completely describes how I feel about my life now.  I'm not looking back - I can't change the past but I can change my future and make it the happiest time of my life.  And I love that :)