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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Festival / Labor Day Weekend

Festival weekend is fun every year.  We grew up with our church festival happening every Labor Day weekend and that is where we spent most of our time that weekend.  So, many of the people that I see there, this is the only time of year I see them.  It's a big tradition amongst our big group of family friends.

Last year, I would have been looking forward to the food at the festival the most.  After all, it's greasy, smells good and is delicious.  I promised Renee' I would not be buying any deep fried oreos this year.... I did, however, send her a picture of them and she told me they looked like cow poop.... :) Makes me want them even less... Plus I knew I'd get in trouble and I really didn't need to eat them.  But I did send some fun messages about visiting the baked goods booth, having some cheesecake, etc.  Funny to me at least :)  I didn't really eat any of it!

My mom and I had started walking on Friday evenings as a way to spend time together and catch up on the week.  She met me at my house and we went for a nice walk.  We went to the festival for a little bit and it was so fun to see some family friends for the first time in a few months.  They were impressed with how happy I looked.  It was fun to talk a little bit about how happy I am, my new job and just catch up.

Saturday is normally a big day for the festival but the weather had different plans this year.  It rained a lot on Saturday but started to let up early evening.  I ended up eating dinner at home...didn't get to have that piece of pizza I wanted (which I know made Renee' happy) but I headed to the festival after dinner and got to spend the evening with my nieces and nephew and siblings.  Although the weather wasn't much fun, we had a blast and I got to see more people I don't see very often.  I don't think anyone could have wiped the smile off my face with how people reacted to the way I looked and to how happy I am.  I just absolutely love how it shows in my smile and how I approach life these days.  I can hold both of my nieces without feeling like I am too weak and I love that I was able to get this picture with them -

We went back to the festival on Sunday (yes, 3 days in a row) and, with much nicer weather, we spent most of the evening there (the whole family) and I saw so many people I never see.  It was so fun to hear all of the compliments and to not be trying to find something to wear.  Anything I had would fit... can't remember the last time I was able to say that.  And I love it.

Labor Day was a lazy day, kinda boring.  I got lots of little things done but, overall, I laid on the couch a lot.  Renee' told me I could look up recipes if I was bored.  I told her they still confuse me and overwhelm me.  I also told her that since there is an easy and intermediate level, there should also be an idiot level for people like me.  I have no idea what 80% of the ingredients are that are in these recipes.  Nor would I know where to find them in the grocery store.... So, I wrote another blog entry instead, took a nap and got ready for the week ahead.

I think the best part of the weekend was having people see me that I don't see often.  It wasn't just to show off my weight loss (although that is soooo much fun!).  It was because people said they could see that I was genuinely happy.  I can't remember the last time someone said that to me and it was true!

I could only imagine what the week ahead would hold..... :)